Short Vita (english)

Johannes Terbach, born 1966 in Langenberg near by Cologne, is a sculptor and performance actor. He lives in Moers and works in Duisburg and Düsseldorf. After graduating from high school, the stonemason apprenticeship, courses at the university of Düsseldorf and the management of psychiatric creative groups, the work, which was previously restricted to the fine arts, was expanded to include the medium of action art: In the playhouse or in the Elisabethen Cathedral of Basel, in the Gasometer Oberhausen, in the Manor in Zurich, at Haag castle or the Schwanenburg on the Lower Rhine and in other striking locations such as the Ehrenhof site, the ZDF studio, the frontplace of mayorhouse and last but not least the Königsallee in Düsseldorf visitors were confronted with a wide variety of performance profiles.
As a performance actor, the sculptor Terbach was always his own costume and Mask designer, also with the variety of appearances in his active time as a stilt walker. Despite the closeness to the performing arts, Terbach therefore wanted his performances and actions to be viewed and understood from the fine arts perspective.

Objects, stone sculptures, reliefs or other picture plants by the artist characterize park areas, gardens, inside rooms and especially the area of ​​schools:
The artist has been running workshops with pupils for many years – since 2004 continuously. He was even a guest lecturer twice for pupils and students in Russia, who are involved in a frost-proofed resistant relief of an art studio in Cheboksary. The results of his work are currently mostly presented in his studio in Duisburg.

In mid-March 2020, his many years of work in two all-day schools for the Düsseldorf School Administration and Culture Office were suspended indefinitely due to the Corona crisis. However, it is becoming apparent that his work in primary school will be possible again – at least to a limited extent.